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Posted on September 16, 2015 by raanan feldman

New Online Watch Store Experience at Buy Watch USA!


Invicta in Latin means Invincible. Invicta has always maintained its consistency and drive to create an innovative product. By setting and maintaining high standards in quality of the watches, Invicta has been able create a niche in the watch industry. 


It was founded in 1837 in Chiasso, Switzerland.  Invicta manufactures a range of consumer goods from eyewear, to writing instruments and jewelry collection.  Though watch holds the top slot by being the most popular product by Invicta.


To meet the fast diversifying taste of the consumers, in 2000s the company revisited its approach and shifted its focus on designing well-fitted oversized timepiece. As a result of this shift, Invicta added to its collection by coming up with dive watch, the Ocean Ghost and the Lupah collection.  The brand has now grown to comprise of over 30 distinct collections.


Why wristwatches!

One of the most elegant accessories is the wristwatch. Wristwatches no longer are considered as a device that displays time, it has with time become an instrument to reflect person’s standard and taste.  Now-a-days watches are equipped with advanced features and mechanisms. Hence more the value added to a watch, the more appealing and attractive it gets. Watch is one device that attracts people of any age group.


Why Invicta wristwatches!

People with a passion to collect watches of various brands and models should definitely try Invicta’s collection of watches. At Invicta, special attention is paid to the performance and look of each watch. Invicta gives you the liberty to choose from its extensive collection. The watches come in various shapes of dial, designs, and synchronization. Invicta is a pioneer in designing unique pieces of watch and hence occupies a special place in the watch industry.


Along with continuing to manufacture their all time favorite watch models and designs, they also keep innovating at Invicta. They keep adding to their collection with newer range of watches.  At present the brand has more than 30 collections. With their assorted collection they are prepared to meet the demands of the customers with varied tastes. Each of their timepieces is exquisitely designed and engineered to appease the array of customers who frequent our online store.   Their approach has always been to keep mind the holistic opinion of the customer’s requirements.


Our Customers!

The online Watch Store will help you browse through our latest collections before making the purchase of your new timepiece. Invicta also tries its best guide its valued customers by helping them tour through the website to make the most suitable choice. Invicta offers best after sale service and believes in maintaining a customer friendly environment.


The Uniqueness!

Invicta has created the Invicta Collectors Club. The Invicta Collector’s Club offers the loyal treatment for our most dedicated collectors.



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